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A beautiful photograph of a small waterfall in a lush green forest at Olympica National Park in Washington state.

"Forest Dream"

Olympic National Park, Washington

I found this small creek off the trail to one of the larger waterfalls in the park and I knew I had something special. I love these small intimate scenes because you can completely change the geometry of the composition by moving the camera just a few inches. The possibilities are endless.

Every time I felt like I had adequately captured a series of cascades, there was something else that caught my eye further up the stream. I just kept working my way higher up the stream, wondering when I would feel like I'd done enough.

I eventually discovered this small cascade that was beautiful in itself, but the sunlight hitting the branches in the background made the image special to me and completed the flow of the composition. I worked quickly because I knew that beam of light would soon shift or disappear altogether.

After I got home and put some work into editing this photograph, I found myself staring at this image on the screen and consciously noted how my eyes moved through the composition, following the "C" shape of the pool, waterfall, and highlighted branches. Occasionally my interest would wander to the outer edges of the frame, exploring the soft light on the trees above and the details of the rocks below, but the bright white of the waterfall always drew me back to "home" to start all over again.

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