"Glorious Light"

Over 60 of my most treasured photographs are packed into this high-quality fine art collection! 95 pages of handpicked titles that feature what I refer to as "light-centric" compositions. These are the photographs that are composed around interesting light that I find on my expeditions.

Glorious Light Sample 1

95 pages, 12" tall by 9.25" wide.
64 photographs
13 behind-the-scenes shots
Commentary on select photographs
Each copy is signed.

Glorious Light Sample 2

"Tim, I still get goosebumps when I think about when Darrel opened his Christmas gift and it was your stunning book, Glorious Light. It was the only gift passed around all day, it truly overwhelmed me." - Debbie in Grove, OK

"Hello Tim, I received your book 'Glorious Light' this weekend and was amazed! It had been a hard week between work, family in for the Holidays, and the combination of not being able to spend quality time with everyone because of the stresses of work. I opened the packaging that held your book and it was like 'all was right in the world'.

I've seen your work mostly through the web as I seem to never have an opportunity to venture out to any of your shows, so to have it in print gave me a new experience. I can't say I have a favorite because I gravitate to all of them as I turn the pages. There is always something in each one that I stare at. But if I were to have to give an answer to the question of 'what's your favorite?' it seems that I enjoy the images with color; seeing the warmth that is brought out by the light." - Eugene in Houston, Texas

Glorious Light Sample 3

"Tim, I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your book Glorious Light. I am looking forward to many more. I particularly liked your discussion of how your art has progressed and how you have found your vision with glorious light." - Chuck in Norman, OK

"Got the book today. Wow! Top notch all the way. Thanks!" - Anthony in Crosby, TX