See my artwork hanging in collectors' homes and hear what they have to say.

Fine art photograph hanging in living room

Horseshoe Bend Panorama, Dave & Cathy in Norman, Oklahoma

"Saint Mary Sunrise arrived in perfect condition!! My wife and I both love it. Your work is amazing. Thank you so much for the quick turnaround especially during a holiday week. We will definitely be back for more." Thomas - San Antonio, Texas

Fine art photograph hanging in bedroom

Forest Trail is looking good in its new home! - Nick & Beth in Temple, TX

"Hi Tim. We received the print today and it is awesome. Galveston Dream is a beautiful photo that we hope to enjoy for many years to come! Thank you!" - Bill and Jackie in Lubbock, Texas

Fine art photograph hanging in office

"It's gorgeous. Big Bend Sunrise is perfect, both what I was looking for and what I needed for that spot in my home. Thanks again for the beautiful work!" - Susan in Kerrville, TX

"Tim, I still get goosebumps when I think about when Darrel opened his Christmas gift and it was your stunning book, Glorious Light. It was the only gift passed around all day, it truly overwhelmed me." - Debbie in Grove, OK

Fine art photograph hanging in foyer

Tree, Private Collector in Kingwood, Texas

"Hey Tim, I got Sunrise at Mirror Lake this evening and it is awesome!! Thank you so much!!" - Mike in Tulsa, OK

Fine art photograph hanging in office

"It came!! Thank you so much Tim, it’s beautiful!!"

The West Veil, Courtney in Madison, Alabama

"Tim, the book is beautiful! I am sure that you and your family are proud. Thanks very much!" - Steve in Pearland, Texas

Fine art photograph hanging in bedroom

"Thanks so much for the extra care you took to have it arrive just in time!"

Terlingua Window Light, Mike - Durango, Colorado

"Hello Tim, I received your book Glorious Light this weekend and was amazed! It had been a hard week between work, family in for the Holidays, and the combination of not being able to spend quality time with everyone because of the stresses of work. I opened the packaging that held your book and it was like all was right in the world.

I've seen your work mostly through the web as I seem to never have an opportunity to venture out to any of your shows, so to have it in print gave me a new experience. I can't say I have a favorite because I gravitate to all of them as I turn the pages. There is always something in each one that I stare at. But if I were to have to give an answer to the question of "what's your favorite?" it seems that I enjoy the images with color; seeing the warmth that is brought out by the light." - Eugene in Houston, Texas

Fine art photograph hanging in office

Sunrise at Mirror Lake, Joe in Houston, Texas.

"I love it [Pastels of Bandon]. My coworker calls it a stress reliever. It turned out so great. Thank you!" - Barbara in Houston, Texas

Fine art photograph hanging in living room

Proxy Falls, Dave & Cathy in Norman, Oklahoma

"I love my Tufa at Sunset hanging in my office. I am looking at it right now... it's amazing!! The detail and vibrant colors of this piece bring a whole new dimension to my workday. Thank you so much." - Angela in Houston, Texas

Fine art photograph hanging in living room

"The picture is BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you for everything!" - Pumpjacks, Cody in Pampa, Texas

"Meeting you and seeing your excitement, talent and unbelievable productions made the art show for me this year." - Don in Tomball, Texas

Fine art photograph hanging in stairway

Pine Cathedral, Jennifer in Houston, Texas

"The picture [Pumpjacks] is BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you for everything!" - Cody in Pampa, Texas

Fine art photograph hanging in living room

Moon Over Windmill(right) with other artists, Arne in Santa Fe, New Mexico

"Tim, my breath was just taken away with your Moonset over Santa Elena. That is the most gorgeous B&W ever! I'm at a loss for words. Through your photos you can really get that strange feel of Big Bend." - Linda in Alvin, Texas

Fine art photograph hanging in living room

"We love, love, love our artwork. We've placed both of them on the fireplace mantel where we can gaze at them daily." - Melissa in Dallas, Texas

Fine art photograph hanging in breakfast nook

"We love it. The morning light give it a wonderful effect. Thank you again!" - Calera Sunrise West, Karyme in Brenham, Texas

"Tim offers a world class product with his gorgeous photographs and the pristine presentation is equally as impressive. We are blessed to have Tim's 'Hummingbird in Flight' and 'Wooden Dishes'. I hope to add more of his work to my collection. Tim is a true talent with great customer service to boot!" - Roxanna in Galveston, Texas

Fine art photograph hanging in hallway

Fine art photograph hanging in hallway

"Hey Tim - I hope all is well. Just wanted to let you know I got these framed and hung. They turned out great! I’ll definitely keep an eye out for new work that you post to your site! Thanks for the great shots." - Calera Stars, Private Collector in Houston, TX

"Tim Herschbach photography is simply stunning. I recently attended an art show where his pieces were featured and all onlookers were very complimentary of his work. Shoppers exclaimed "wow!" on more than one occasion which is the best way to sum up how I feel about the art and quality of the prints. The photographer has a gift of capturing simple objects and works of God in a way that brings to light natural beauty that I sometimes take for granted. Although one can appreciate his art on the website, it is not nearly as impressive as with your own eyes, tastefully matted and framed.

The framed 'Wooden Dishes' piece is displayed in our formal dining room. The vivid yet neutral colors compliment our decor in every season. The subject ignites a wonderful memory of a breakfast with our family at an elegant B&B on the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii. I'm looking forward to adding many more pieces of his fine, affordable artwork to our home collection. These take me back me to places that we have been fortunate to travel in North America including striking images of the Colorado Rockies, the Atlantic Coast, and the Caribbean." - Wendy in Tahlequah, Oklahoma

Fine art photograph rematted

"Tim, I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your book Glorious Light. I am looking forward to many more. I particularly liked your discussion of how your art has progressed and how you have found your vision with glorious light.

My son and I have been avid backpackers in our past and we love seeing scenes we could only see by walking the trails. In our treks he became taken with aspens. The reason I chose the picture Aspen Grove to go with the book purchase was so that we could get him a picture of aspens for his place in Boston. As you probably know, aspens are not found in Boston! At the time this was taken, we were standing in line to put it in a box and Fed Ex it to Boston."

- Chuck in Norman, Oklahoma

"Tim has a truly great eye for creative photography, that's why my wife and I love his work." - Tom and Di in Houston, Texas