2016 in Review

I hope you have had a wonderful, exciting, and/or productive year. If not, may 2017 be better for you! The highlight of my year certainly has to be having a new photographer’s apprentice. He’s quite a helper!

Tim, Miles, and Abbie at Yosemite

Accomplishments: I embarked on two photography trips, Utah and California.

Mesquite Sand Dunes at Death Valley

My booth won best of category at Rockport Art Fest and “Pine Cathedral” won best of show at the Pearland Art League juried exhibition. I was also accepted into my first gallery in Fort Worth (Weiler House Gallery, stop by and say hi to Bill for me!). Cottonwood Art Fest in Dallas finally accepted me into their show, and I hope to continue to participate.

My booth at Cottonwood Art Fest


Now let’s get to the photographs!

166 of my photographs have new homes.

Best Selling Color Photograph goes to “Moonrise At Bryce

Best Selling Black & White Photograph goes to “White House

White House - After Processing

Most Valuable Photograph goes to “Calera Sunrise

Most Popular Photograph Taken in 2016 goes to “Buffalo Spirit

I’m already getting my shows lined up for 2017 and working out in my mind where I’d like to photograph next. Plus, I will be officially releasing my Yosemite & Death Valley photographs at my gallery show in Brenham, Texas which runs from March 4 through April 29. The reception will be March 4th. I hope you can attend!

My Favorite Thing

People are often envious of the places that I travel to and the things that I get to see. It’s true that I visit awesome places and see some incredible things, but I must admit that my favorite part of being an artist photographer is coming home and processing my images. Dare I say it, I actually enjoy processing my photographs more than I enjoy the travelling involved and creating the exposures.

Horseshoe Bend before processing

Horseshoe Bend Panorama Before Processing

Horseshoe Bend after processing

Horseshoe Bend Panorama After Processing

White House, Canyon de Chelly - Before Processing

Before Processing



It’s like a kid coming home after Halloween and counting his loot. Getting dressed up and walking house to house is fun, but hard work. The hard work pays off when he gets home and dumps out all of the colorfully wrapped goodies in a big pile on the floor and begins to sort them into piles, counting, arranging, and re-arranging.


White House - After Processing

After Processing



Sure, there is excitement in exploring a new location or seeing something I’ve never seen before, or capturing an interesting juxtaposition or camera angle, but it isn’t until I put my finishing digital touches on the photographs that I feel my vision is complete. The creation is finished. The photograph has come to life. I am now able to show others what I first could only see myself.