My Next Photography Project

I’m always thinking about what I’d like to photograph next.  As an artist who sells my work, it is important to create not just great individual photographs, but great collections of photographs. These collections may be of the same location, the same subject matter, similar color palettes, or even represent an ideology, but they must have something in common.  I do not simply shoot whatever catches my eye.

So when I photograph, I photograph with purpose and I plan my excursions so that when I come home, I have a group of photographs that are related in some way. Up to now, my projects have mostly been themed around landscapes of a certain location – a geographic profile, a visual description of a state or region.

I think for a near-future project, I’d like to push a little deeper and photograph a series that incorporates even more elements that are close to me. I haven’t yet decided on the exact details of this project, but I would like to explore the historical roots of Texas. Specifically, a handful of its historical religious and military buildings.

What spurred this interest was during my trip to west Texas last Spring. My buddy and I just happened upon Fort Leaton, which is on the outskirts of Presidio. This old military outpost was beautiful in its own way. Mud walls, old log frame-work, deep dark rooms where only a whisper of light could penetrate.  Some of the blacksmith’s tools still hung from hooks in the walls. The beautiful lines, textures, light and shadows made for endless dramatic compositions. I didn’t even set up my camera because we were on a tight schedule for the day, and I knew if I started shooting, I wouldn’t stop.  I knew this was a place that I would like to come back to and spend hours exploring through a rectangular view-finder to give it due justice.

To read more about Fort Leaton, visit the State Historic Site website.