Gallery Update & BIG Prints!

There are three significant differences in this photograph from my previous gallery update photograph, can you spot them?

workspace4_smallHow did you do?  Okay, let’s see if you got them….

1.  Curtains!  My curtains are up and blocking the harsh daytime light from touching my artwork.  This will be essential when I start hanging artwork in my gallery.

2.  Track lighting is in!  I haven’t purchased the fixtures yet, but the hard part is done.  Thanks to my parents coming down and helping out.  Or rather, I suppose it would be more accurate to say that I helped out, as Dad did most of the work as he is skilled in construction and electrical.

3.  New Printer!  With my business, I think big.  So it was time to go big.  That behemoth of a machine you see there is a top-of-the-line Canon large format printer that will allow me to begin offering a canvas size of 40×50.  One has sold already and I haven’t even taken this size to a show yet, so I think it will be a popular offering.

My next step is to get track lighting ordered, streamline my canvas production process, and start hanging art!