Quality over Cheap

I’ve made a lot of choices over the past few months.  Choices about which vendors to purchase from, what model of frame to use, what print sizes to offer, what brand of paper to print on, etc.  My choices were mostly based upon two options… buy cheap and save money (at least, in the short term), or buy quality and have a product that I can take pride in, and be confident in signing my name on.

I put thought, time, and effort into each photograph as I capture them, I put more thought, time, and effort into processing them to match my vision.  Why would I not choose the best possible printer and inks to print them with, the best fine art paper to print them on, and the best quality mat board, mount board, and frames to display them in?  Why go through all that effort just to compromise the final product to save a few dollars, or even a few thousand dollars?  If my business is to succeed, this won’t amount to anything in the long run.

It’s why I purchased an Epson 4900 pigment inkjet printer instead of “making do” with my Canon 9000 with it’s dye based ink.  It’s why I chose Museo Portfoleo Rag paper instead of a cheaper grade Epson or Kodak paper.  It’s why I chose Bainbridge 4-ply mat over the Hobby Lobby no-name brand that might discolor after a few years.

The downside is that I have to make a much greater initial investment in my business.  This is fine with me.  Fortunately, I can afford it and have not had to borrow the money at interest.  Sure, the amount my business owes myself is pretty intimidating, but I plan to succeed.  If I succeed, this initial investment won’t take long to pay back.  If I fail, I’m stuck with some really awsome art pieces that I would be happy to have for my home and office.