"Glorious Light" Coffee Table Book

Announcing my first book, "Glorious Light". Over 60 of my most treasured photographs are packed into this high quality fine art collection! I've handpicked titles that feature what I refer to as "light-centric" compositions. These are the photographs that are composed around interesting light that I find on my expeditions. In my opinion, they are my finest photographs, and I think you will agree.

95 pages, 12" tall by 9.25" wide.
64 photographs
13 behind-the-scenes shots
Commentary on select photographs
Each copy is signed.

Tim, I still get goosebumps when I think about when Darrel opened his Christmas gift and it was your stunning book, Glorious Light. It was the only gift passed around all day, it truly overwhelmed me.

Debbie in Grove, OK

Hello Tim, I received your book "Glorious Light" this weekend and was amazed! It had been a hard week between work, family in for the Holidays, and the combination of not being able to spend quality time with everyone because of the stresses of work. I opened the packaging that held your book and it was like "all was right in the world".

I've seen your work mostly through the web as I seem to never have an opportunity to venture out to any of your shows, so to have it in print gave me a new experience. I can't say I have a favorite because I gravitate to all of them as I turn the pages. There is always something in each one that I stare at. But if I were to have to give an answer to the question of "what's your favorite?" it seems that I enjoy the images with color; seeing the warmth that is brought out by the light.

Eugene in Houston, TX

Tim, I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your book Glorious Light. I am looking forward to many more. I particularly liked your discussion of how your art has progressed and how you have found your vision with glorious light.

Chuck in Norman, OK

Got the book today. Wow! Top notch all the way. Thanks!

Anthony in Crosby, TX

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Q. Who is this book for?

A. Art collectors, photographers (youth, hobbyists, & professionals), hikers, explorers, artists, and anyone who enjoys beautiful American landscapes.

Q. What's in the book?

A. I have chosen 63 of my personal favorite photographs that feature incredible light. The selection is roughly half color and half black & white. Several of the photographs have narratives. There are also 13 behind-the-scenes photographs from my expeditions.

Q. How big is the book?

A. "Glorious Light" is a hardcover with dust cover and is 9.25" wide by 12" tall. It is 95 pages in length.